Third Party Financing

  • Provides a platform for trusted and secured transaction of funds to the third party by the bank.
  • Create near real-time settlement of funds immediately after consensus among the parties.

Crowd Funding Platform

  • Customized financing model to suit individual needs of Fund raisers.
  • Membership services, Review and Rating systems protects the platform from funding scams.
  • A record of consensus with a cryptographic audit trail of transactions to meet regulatory demands any time.

Digital Identity

  • Solution that enables Identity-as-a-service functionality.
  • Digital perseverance of an identity of an asset, individual or legal entity on an immutable network.
  • Controlled access to the attributes of the identity. Secured transfer of identity to the authorized requestor.


  • Facilitates immediate processing without the need for documentation.
  • Provides transparency of transactions for insurers even in any remote part of the world.
  • Risk management through stronger auditability and counterparty ties.