Business Intelligence & Analytics

RapidQube has the capability to provide solutions in best-in-class Business Intelligence (BI) & visualization commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products. Our development team can transform any desktop view into a mobile view as required. Mobility access for people on the move enhances quicker decision making.

With the advent of "Internet of everything" and the subsequent exponential explosion of data, it has become a “front and center” imperative for organizations to derive more meaningful information and generate actionable insights from data collected. Data driven decisions need to create sustainable business impact.

Our services range across the following areas of Analytics:

  • Predictive
  • Prescriptive
  • Descriptive
  • Diagnostic
  • Search-based

With our capabilities, it becomes all the more important to transform boardroom decisions from spreadsheet reports to advanced visualizations that leverage insights derived from key analysis.


Business Consulting

Our leadership team possesses a unique blend of real-world experience. We will ensure that BOTH the people and technology changes needed for business transformation are identified and shared.

Using our expertise, we will help define both “the tactical and strategic” using synergistic change management programs to address both.

We will look across the business, technology, and customer ecosystems at all the underlying components (people, digital technologies, business processes, and tools) to understand and recommend appropriate strategies and tactics (leveraging digital technologies) to succeed.


Technology Consulting

In the new digital economy, we assist organizations across industry verticals to adapt. We help them look at potentially disruptive next-gen technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Machine Learning to consider. Our services are designed to ensure security and efficiency of IT environments and operations, which in turn reduces the risk of loss, improves overall business performance as well as address any required compliance with data regulations in the respective industry.


Infrastructure Management

The ongoing digital disruptions across industries has given rise to a new, hybrid infrastructure approach to environments that requires significant expertise to sort out. Without a clear path, environments can become overly complex and not business focused. We feel that enterprises’ need a single version of truth across their technology and application landscape. Our next generation infrastructure management services including RapidQube's Cloud-First strategy.

Infrastructure Management service portfolio includes:

  • Service desk
  • Enterprise Network Services
  • Cloud Services
  • System Integration Services
  • Infrastructure Engineering Services


We feel that as technologies change, the approach towards education also needs to change.

RapidQube has delivered Fortune 500 (India/ Webinar), IIT Bombay (India), and Connecticut (UCONN, CCSU) University level blockchain educational sessions (not for credit) to date. Our goal is to spread the word about the technology, its capabilities, and ensure that colleges, universities, and global businesses are benefitting from it.

We hosted over 200 hours of industry specific Use Case/ solution discussions. Each of these sessions required research, development, and presentation specific fine-tuning to ensure that the message was appropriate.

Our intent is that these sessions do the following

  • Help You Define Blockchain Technology In Your Own Words
  • Understand How Blockchain Could Potentially Impact Your Business And Industry
  • Write A Thought Leadership Piece Regarding Use Cases And Industry Potential Of Blockchain Technology

  • Explain Blockchain Technology To Your Clients, Friends, Business Colleagues
  • Identify Which Aspects Of Blockchain Technology Seem Most Important To You And Why