We at RapidQube are a small team of experts dedicated to helping our customers adapt digital possibilities in their technology eco system.

Lokesh Reddi C

Executive Director

Lokesh is an angel investor and serial entrepreneur. He worked in payments industry for almost a decade and associated with some of the most renowned names in financial services. He is a hands on Strategist and technology evangelist. He handles and organizes all the numbers to fund RapidQube.

Raghunadh V

Managing Principal

Raghu is an early adapter to Block chain technology, has a deep understanding and connect with the digital eco-system. He can always be found tinkering with ideas and strategies. A 24/7 person, he is a very well known technologist across the Community. He is the Managing Principal @ RapidQube fueling growth.

Mohanraj P B

Chief Digital Strategist

Mohan is an early adopter of Technology disruptions, has a critical role as he handles most of our solutions and offerings. He has a deep understanding of the technology and is extremely patient and guides the team and our customers with dedication. He constantly surprises with better ways to implement design.

UmaShankar S

Digital Architect

Uma is at the core of everything RapidQube does. He handles many core responsibilities in terms of Tech Management. He is well known in the tech Community. He is also an Influencer for new solutions and he Tweets a lot! Constantly refining and retesting each method to perfection is his main strength.